Plan your private residents street party
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Plan your private residents street party

Our guide to organising a street party

Having a street party is easier than you may think and it will definitely be worth it. Trust that your neighbours will want one, because they will!

By 'street party' we mean one that is organised by and for all residents in 1 or 2 small streets, without external publicity. A wider public event in more streets needs extra arrangements.

To get going, read our checklist below or skip to our residents' guide.

Checklist & Top Tips
Getting Started
2-3 months
in advance
  • Chat about your idea with neighbours you know
  • Ask your council about road closure procedures
  • A full road-closed street party is best or have a less formal quick street meet
  • Think about when to hold it
  • Plan 2 or 3 meetings and invite everyone in your street in writing
  • Ideally hold all your meetings in the street
A week before
  • Send out reminder for party and moving some cars
  • Display legal order for road closure if need be
  • Set up road closure barriers and bunting etc.
  • Do the SwapShop, with a Bring & Buy perhaps
  • Clear up and open road after party

If a street party might be too much, or you can't close your road, why not have a 'street meet'?

Bunting is
traditional for
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