Plan your private residents street party
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Plan your private residents street party

Road Closure Signs

You can download 3 different Road Closed signs below for use when closing a road to hold a street party in a quiet residential street.

Each download contains several A4 pages which can be printed out on a colour printer and stuck on to a cardboard or hardboard background.

The signs comply with the required standards, but are not suitable for use after dark as they have no reflective surface.

ROAD CLOSED sign download
ROAD AHEAD CLOSED sign download
ACCESS ONLY sign download

You will need Acrobat Reader to print these signs. You can download it free here if you do not already have it.

Printing instructions

  1. Load the printer with suitable paper. We suggest using a heavier than normal white paper since the paper is likely to crinkle due to the ink printing the red background colour over the whole page. (Normal weight paper is 80g/m2)
  2. Check your ink cartridges as the red background will use a significant amount of red ink.
  3. Set the printer to print colour copies on A4 paper at full size (no scaling). Set the printer to print on the maximum printable area.
  4. Print out all the pages in the downloaded file. Ignore any warning, if you get one, about printer margins or that the printer cannot print to the edges of the page.
  5. This should print out several pages with the lettering and borders. The file also contains instruction pages showing how to fix the A4 pages together to make the sign.

Closing the road

You will need to seek permission from your Council to close the road. More details can be found here. Signs and barriers should be put out according to instructions given by your Council.

Contact us if you have an queries.

See our guidance to councils on road closure