Plan your private residents street party
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Plan your private residents street party

Bunting and party kit

Bunting is such a traditional part of a British street party, it's practically compulsory! A burst of colourful flags will transform your street and the more there are, the better. See our Street Party Guide for Residents for advice on how to organise a party.

View of colourful bunting hanging over a busy city centre street full of people
View of a street criss-crossed with hand made triangular bunting

To buy bunting

To buy a wide range of different styles of bunting try this reliable company:

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Bristol residents can borrow bunting, road signs & play kits from their local community centres.

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Other street party kit

Folding tables, chairs, a gazebo, or a small marquee to buy or hire.
'Road Closed' signs can be bought as banners, hired locally, or your council may provide them. Read our section about road closures for more details.
Activities could include games, fancy dress costumes, face-painting or a general party theme.
Food is also great to share.

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History of bunting

The use of bunting developed from street dressing which is the origin of street parties. Street dressing at some unknown early time came to be dominated by what we now call bunting. This is usually made of strings of triangular 'pennants' which were probably originally based on naval signal flags. See more detail here.

Make bunting with neighbours

Be creative with bringing a triangle of material, card or paper to staple to strong string. Or cut out triangles or shapes from fabric or plastic. Hand made bunting exampleThen sew, tie, staple, or glue the shapes onto tape or thin rope. Experiment by adding pictures or words, paint, sequins, buttons etc.

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