Plan your private residents street party
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Plan your private residents street party

Training, advice and project management

Street parties are a powerful way of communities developing neighbourly social cohesion and action at the street level. Local authorities, agencies and community groups can play a crucial role in supporting residents to organise their own parties through low-key facilitation.

We have years of experience in supporting residents; training a wide range of community workers; and advising council staff. We develop and disseminate best practice from around the country.

We are especially offering ideas and support as part of our Age Friendly Streets campaign.

We offer support in the following ways:

  1. Free advice
    On street parties, neighbours and communities
    - contact us now on 01761 470 516.
  2. An introductory discussion
    An initial discussion for management and staff about using street parties as a tool to engage residents in meaningful interaction.
  3. Training session (approx 5 hours)
    An introduction and step-by-step guidance for front-line staff and active residents on:
    • Benefits of Street Parties to residents
    • How services and agencies can use the process and events to engage with residents and follow-up on any issue
    • Developing a programme of events in a neighbourhood
    • Detailed step by step guidance on how to facilitate residents to organise their event
    • Addressing regulatory issues and differences between Street Parties and other community events
    People in the following sectors would be interested in this training:
    • Neighbourhood Management & Community partnerships
    • Social cohesion
    • Community development
    • Community safety
    • Housing
    • Children's play
    • Sure Start & parenting
    • Transport - healthier and greener travel options
  4. Training of groups of residents
    A 2 hour session in the afternoon or evening, possibly on the same day as the staff training.
  5. Advice on best practice on technical issues
    Issues such as road closure procedures, public liability insurance and licensing.
  6. Setting up a coordinated approach with the council
    Arrangements for road closures signs and bunting for residents to borrow, a local Guide and local publicity for the idea of street parties.
  7. Advice on evaluation and more detailed project work
    In future years this will be tailored to meet specific services.

Costs for our help are modest and negotiable, depending on your needs and ambitions.

For more information and enquiries contact us.

How we have helped

Promoting neighbourliness for community development

Southampton City Council managers invited us to train a wide range of their community workers and housing officers in facilitating residents to organise their own street parties. Every Community Development Officer has been encouraged to support at least three parties per year and 23 took place in 2009.

Supporting a programme of street parties for community cohesion

We were commissioned to support 16 new street parties in an ethnically and socially diverse urban area (now known as the Street Party Capital).

Working in a diverse estate

We trained a community worker who facilitated a new street party in the Malmesbury Estate in Bow, east London - the most ethnically diverse area of the UK. The voluntary organisation and the Neighbourhood Partnership were amazed how residents joined in and how it could result in 5 projects being developed, including on health, youth and education.

Recruiting residents to join in restorative approach to
antisocial behaviour

We provided training on street parties to 2 workers in a Neighbourhood Partnership with 3 active residents on a large estate in south Bristol. 3 years later after 15 new street parties dozens of residents have been trained and participated in a structured mediation programme to try to resolve problems and improve understanding between perpetrators and victims of anti-social behaviour. It brings together all parties to try to reach an agreement on a way forward.

Using street parties to recruit volunteers in children's play

Bristol Play Services contracted us to trial the role of these events and found that 19% said 'Yes, I would volunteer' and 54% said 'Maybe I would help sometimes' in volunteering in children's play in the area. The project was funded by DCSF.

Involving residents in Neighbourhood Partnership

Another Neighbourhood Partnership Team employed us to manage a project encouraging residents' street parties to increase local participation and build up skills and confidence in the run-up to a larger community festival.

Streamlining local authority procedures

The Traffic Department of a London Borough called on our advice when they realised that their road closure procedures were an obstacle to residents' street parties. We were able to offer clear advice on relevant legislation, examples of good practice and templates for road-closure application forms.

"Very informative, helpful, yet enjoyable training. I attended thinking I would face insurmountable obstacles but left thinking that our housing has some huge positives. You answered ALL my questions and addressed all my reservations. I returned to work with a very positive attitude toward supporting a street parties." – Housing Association Estate Officer, Southampton 2009

"Excellent informative day. Inspired to support street parties for Local Community Action Plans." – Neighbourhood Partnership, Manchester

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