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Street Party - Meet Your Neighbours in Your Traffic Free Street

Street meet: a street party without
closing your road

A street party really is best in a closed road as more people join in and it is great to have no traffic for the day. If you live in a cul-de-sac some councils waive the need for a road closure.

But for various reasons, you may not be able, want or have time to arrange a road closure.

So you can still have an informal 'street meet' on a driveway, parking area, front garden or end of a cul-de-sac that does not require permission from the council as it is on private land. Just pick a spot in the street to have a get-together.

Have a 'street meet'

Perhaps even use the pavement like below. If you just move 2-3 cars and put bunting between the remaining cars, you will have a enough space for a basic get together. But you must not obstruct other pedestrians or have people wandering into the road. The event would be more basic and fewer people might come, but easier and still worth it.

Or you can have a neighbours' picnic in the local park. You may not need to get formal permission from the council parks department if there are not too many of you and you do not have music or a BBQ.

Have a street party without closing your road

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Have a 'street meet'

Have a 'street meet'

A street picnic

Even at Christmas