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Street party food

Food brings people together. It is worth making a real effort to have gorgeous food that means something to a wide range of residents and is memorable.
So here are some ideas:

  • Bringing food to share means that each house can make a contribution.
  • Seasonal British / locally grown food could be a nice theme.
  • Plot to Plate - do any residents have some lovely things grown in the gardens or allotments?
  • A cake/baking competition, or celebratory cake for a birthday or something?
  • Have a seasonal fruit/harvest strawberry/apple/plum/ theme.
  • Local / independent beer from pub or ordered.
  • Make food prizes for a raffle or other competitions.
  • An art competition on a food theme, using paper plates, cups and table cloths.

Contact us with any other ideas you'd like to share.

Food Safety

If you are unsure about keeping food safe, especially in bigger street parties, you can get some tips from the Food Standards Agency.

A display of cupcakes People having a picnic in a public garden

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People selecting food from a street party buffet An older resident cuts his birthday cake A cake decorated with the Union Jack design