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Plan your private residents street party

Diamond Jubilee street parties

Street parties are for life, not just for Jubilees.

Streets Alive has been promoting street parties for 10 years for good neighbourly reasons, and it is a great excuse to hold one for a Jubilee as a national occasion. This has a long tradition which started in 1919.

A crowd of residents during their Jubilee street party

About 2 million people took part in private neighbours' street parties for the Queen's Diamond Jubilee over the weekend of 2 to 5 June 2012, especially in England and Wales. See more in our news. This is in addition to thousands (though unknown) number of public community events.

This estimate is based on figures for road closures from the Local Government Association for England (7089 closures) and Wales (353). See their press release here. There is little tradition of street parties in Scotland or Northern Ireland. On top of this is our estimate of more informal street meets.

A gathering of neighbours celebrating the Queen's Jubilee

The street party spirit is summed up in this amazing short video of a Jubilee street party in Newcastle Upon Tyne.

263,000 people read this website and thousands downloaded our free resources. Streets Alive is proud to have helped the country have a neighbourly get together.

Even if not everyone was interested in the Jubilee, a street party is a rare chance to meet the neighbours and to play with the kids together in a traffic-free street for a change.

We will continue promoting street parties as they really builds community spirit, and at any time of the year - in the summer, Halloween, Christmas or pancake day.

Ask Streets Alive for help with...anything! We can also help with planning community projects through street parties.

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