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Plan your private residents street party

Want Less Cars in Your Street? Try Car Share With Neighbours

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19/09/2012 16:26:20

There are 2 new ways to share cars with a neighbour.

Street parties are about your neighbours and about being car free for a day.

Many residents find this freedom a magical change to their street and it gets them thinking about cars in their street.

Occasional car sharing with neighbours could reduce the number of cars in your street, and there are 2 main ways to do this:

1. We have a Guide to Informal Car Sharing with a Neighbour, when one owns it and the other is named on their insurance. This is a very common arrangement based on trust. Download the Guide here.

2. A new scheme called WhipCar involves paying the owner on an hour/day basis using WhipCar as the agent. See more here.

Other ideas about traffic in your street are explained here.

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