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Neighbours' Street Play Guide Launched

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02/03/2012 14:51:22

Streets Alive has created a unique Guide for all-age support for play at street parties and afterwards.

Our free residents' Street Play Guide offers practical ideas for your street party, as well as other street meet events, for adults and children to get to know each other and to enjoy playing in their street.

We have found that once trust is built parents as well as other adults can also organise things like play circles, toy swaps and trips to play facilities.

Children are often kept from playing outdoors due to traffic dangers, amongst other things. As a result, parents limit them from playing freely and meeting other children and adults.

At the same time children are often the oil that loosens up the community, helping to build community spirit.

Our new Guide aims to help residents to build on the goodwill that is released at a street party to create a positive atmosphere amongst neighbours for children and play.

Streets Alive is launching this in time for people organising their street party for the Jubilee, and we expect that at least 500 streets will try it out to build a more friendly street atmosphere.

Ask us for our free Guide.

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