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Plan your private residents street party

Government Updates Guidance

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11/01/2012 12:24:49

Streets Alive has assisted the Government's street party Guidance as Minister writes to all councils.

The Dept. of Communities & Local Government (DCLG) has updated its Guidance on street parties for councils and the public, following advice from Streets Alive as recognised experts on street parties.

After the surge in street parties last year, the updated Guidance is a fresh reminder that organising a street party should be as simple as possible for residents to enable these important neighbours' events to happen in large numbers for the Jubilee in June or at anytime of the year.

The Secretary of State for DCLG, Eric Pickles, has written to all councils to encourage the best practice outlined in the revised Guidance.

Chris Gittins, Director of Streets Alive said in the related press release;

“Street parties are a unique part of this country’s history and our street party site helps for planning get-togethers at anytime of year. With bureaucracy crucially minimised, we hope that this will be the BIG year for building community spirit at the street level by modernising this tradition on a permanent basis. Bristol held 250 street parties last year and this could be the same, or more, all over the country.”

The updated DCLG street party guidance can be seen here.

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