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Plan your private residents street party

Streets Alive's persuaded the Government to help on councils' red tape for street parties

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27/08/2010 12:16:46

The Department of Communities & Local Government has issued guidance for councils on street parties which was prepared with Streets Alive.

Our work in building community spirit at the street level through street parties has been added weight by the Government.

They have added guidance on their website encouraging councils to simplify their procedures. The site is

here. More detail is here.

The Guidance recognises that such events are resident-organised and funded and should not normally require road closure charges, insurance or licences.

Streets Alive can advise councils on applying the Guidance and can train community workers and residents in developing an ambitious programme of street parties.

We have recently assisted Oxford which has had an amazing 54 street parties, as well as Southampton, Bristol, Portsmouth and councils across the UK.

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