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Road closures made easier by the Government's Dept. for Transport & costs slashed

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13/08/2010 15:36:29

The DfT have confirmed that adverts for road closures for street parties are not needed, meaning that costs should now be very low, if any.

If your council is asking large fees for road closures then this should now not be needed. They may have to date thought that they had to pay for an advert in the local paper for the road closure, but now they definitely do not.

This is a statement that has been forwarded to Streets Alive by the Government - The Head of Traffic Management Division at the DfT has confirmed that:

"..for most small organised street parties that don't affect the wider road network, there is no requirement in law for local authorities to advertise proposed closures or carry out consultations. Neither are specific signs or other traffic management equipment required. Local authorities should act proportionately, wisely, and in the public interest - and highways law does not stop them doing that".

Hooray! this is after 6 years of campaigning by Streets Alive for this to be sorted out.

Streets Alive believes that there should now be no reason for a council to charge residents at all for a road closure for a residents' street party in a quiet street.

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