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Council drops need for insurance

20/05/2010 16:57:37

Oxford City Council has decided to drop its requirement for Public Liability Insurance for street parties to encourage residents to organise them.

As a result of Streets Alive's advice and support The Council decided at the highest level to waive their previous automatic requirement for insurance for residents street parties in small streets. They accepted our detailed case and best practice examples given from around the country.

As part of the Streets for People programme of Oxford Civic Society to promote street parties across the city, we were together able to make the case to the council that such insurance was unnecessary and was a burden to residents organising their own event, in line with Streets Alive's years of experience on this issue.

Also, Streets Alive has recruited a local Associate to support street parties in the city, in line with the council's aim of 25 being held this summer. Streets Alive is also providing training to all forms of community workers in the city who will be able to facilitate less confident residents to hold street parties in disadvantaged areas.

For more information see our : Insurance pages, or just ask us.

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