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Street Parties Good for Promoting Children's Play and Volunteering

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18/01/2010 14:54:36

Our project in Bristol shows that street parties are good for encouraging positive attitudes to street play and potential for ongoing volunteering.

In 2009 Streets Alive supported 7 new street play parties in Bristol, supported by Bristol City Council's Play Services and funded by the DCSF.

Using our tried and tested approach to encouraging street parties, Streets Alive facilitated residents in organising the events and lent them a kit of extra play equipment.

Afterwards, we carried out house to house surveys and residents were clearly encouraged. In response to the question 'Compared to before the street party, how do you feel about children playing in the street at other times? 38% said they were 'More happy about children's play in the street'.

Also, in reponse to the question 'Would you now be interested in supporting play in your street or elsewhere in the neighbourhood?' 19% said 'Yes, I would volunteer' and 54% said 'Maybe I would help sometimes'.

The project will be repeated next year. This builds on our experience of working with London Play on promoting street play through 100 new street parties in London.

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