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Earliest living memory street party photos

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16/02/2015 17:29:34

A resident of south Bristol is one of the earliest living street party attenders with herself in a photo.

Eileen Coggins remembers the street party in 1937 held in her grandmother's street for the coronation of George VIth in Bishop Street (which no longer exists) in Bedminster, Bristol. She is in the photo below in the 2nd children's row 2nd from left with her sister 1st from left. Her aunt and uncle are immediately behind.




























The photos add to the story Streets Alive has developed of the history of street parties.

She has also found photos of street parties which were held in a street in 1911 for the Coronation of King George Vth and in 1937 for the Coronation of George VIth.

As you can see in the photo below, the 1911 event was not a proper street party as we know it with food etc. as these only developed from 1919. It is what was the precursor of the street party with a celebratory gathering of the non-working younger children and the street was probably dressed with flags, bunting and materials.

The photo donor's grandmother is in the photo.















By 1937 the street as below had more resources, with party hats etc. The donor' father is in this photo. The photographs were probably taken by the local newpaper.














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