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Scotland Does Street Parties Differently

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27/05/2014 14:55:31

The way Scotland looks at street parties is different to the rest of the UK.

Residents in Scotland have never had much of a tradition of holding neighbours' street parties like in England and Wales, for reasons that can only be guessed.

Scots at most think of street parties in terms of new year's Hogmanay. As a result, only a handful were held for the jubilee in 2012.

But there is another practical reason why they are not common - this is because there are restrictive bans against drinking in public places across much of Scotland, and having a drink at a street party is quite common!

Streets Alive has negoatiated with some council about how to deal with this.

We have developed special street party guidance for Scotland to get round this problem, so that residents can still meet their neighbours in a practical way.

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