Plan your private residents street party
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Plan your private residents street party


Building Communities

Sharing things with your neighbours through Street Bank

CSV Make a Difference Day

Tenants Participation Advisory Service

Local Level's Neighbourhoods blog

Sports in streets by Street Games

Who Is Your Neighbour?

Streets and Transport

Living Streets: Promoting walking and the street environment. Also supports walk-to-school campaigns.

20mph residential streets: 20's Plenty For Us and The Campaign for Better Transport

The Campaign for Better Transport helps residents take action on traffic in their streets and other national campaigns.

Creative ideas for promoting traffic calming in communities: In Oxford - Road Witch Project

Convivial Spaces -

Internationally - Mental Speed Bumps

Sustrans: Sustrans has a Liveable Neighbourhoods Project and they have lots of other links.

Coordinating European Car Free Days

Access Forum: An international forum for discussion covering car sharing, car free cities, car free days and other car use reduction strategies.

Car Free Cities Network: Belgium +32 2552 0883. Promotes car free cities across the EU--includes over 70 EU cities.

The Government's Department for Transport

Environmental Transport Association: A road recovery service and much more. The ETA campaigns for a sustainable transport system. Also provided information on UK car free events.

RoadPeace: campaigning for safer roads. Tel: 020 8838 5102.

Living Streets - Putting People First