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Plan your private residents street party

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About Us

This website resource is run by volunteers, in particular the founder and Director of Streets Alive Ltd., a not-for-profit group which promoted street parties from 2001 to 2017.

Our efforts have played a major role in helping street parties to become common again in the country by advising residents, councils, community workers and the Government to keep them easy to organise. We promote community spirit at the street level through street parties and other neighbourly activities.

A happy group of residents sitting in their street with a bouncy castle in the background

Street parties are a great part of British culture and have a long history. We hope to make them a widespread and regular feature of communities throughout the UK. With busy, more independent and less localised lives we have fewer chances to bump into people. And a street party right outside your door without traffic for a day is a good way to meet them all at once.

This website is about simple neighbours' street parties in 1 or 2 quiet residential streets without general publicity. Larger community public events in more streets require other arrangements according to their scale.

We rely on donations to keep our service to residents and this website going, please donate whatever you can – contact us to make a donation.

See our previous grant funders here.